Design and Implementation of Distributed Applications 2021-2022

1st Year, 1st Semester

MEIC - Alameda Campus
MEIC - Taguspark Campus
METI - Taguspark Campus

Lab. 1 - Introduction to the .NET Framework and gRPC over C#

Support material:

A - Introduction to the .NET Framework

A.1 - Hello World

a) Implement a "Hello World" application as a Console Application:

b) Implement a similar app (in a different project) as a Windows app:

A.2 - Name List

a) Implement an app that manages a list of names.

b) Place breakpoints in each of the class' methods and check that each is called and executed correctly.

B - Introduction to C# G-RPC

B.2 - Chat

Implement a G-RPC based chat application with the following components:
The suggested client interface has: