Portuguese Logic Society

Aims of the Portuguese Logic Society

The Portuguese Logic Society aims to contribute to the promotion of logic in Portugal and the multidisciplinary collaboration between interested parties. Main topics range from the studies of mathematical logic to philosophical logic as well as logic for artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science.


The Portuguese Logic Society was founded in 2022 on the Logic World Day, 14th of January. The founding members were António Zilhão, Cristina Sernadas, Fernando Ferreira, Francisco Dionísio, Inês Lynce, José Espírito Santo, Luís Caires, Manuel Martins, Olga Pombo, Paula Gouveia, Paulo de Sousa Mendes, Reinhard Kahle and Vasco Vasconcelos (see photo).


The Portuguese Logic Society organizes the Colloquium of Logic and the “Days in Logic” conference .


To become a member please send an email to secretariadoSPL@math.tecnico.ulisboa.pt. The annual subscription is 20 euros (5 euros for students).