In the last 5 years, LARSyS has graduated 120 PhD students, of which 52 with international partners. In the same period, we have raised about 10.6M€ of highly competitive EU funding and 10.5 M€ of national competitive project funding. During this period of time, approximately 860 international journal and more than 1400 international conference papers were published.

Scientific Indicators20132014201520162017TOTAL
International Conferences4452902522571951439
Journal publications 186160165179172862
PhD Thesis Awarded2422202924119
PhD Thesis Awarded in partnership w/ international institutions 9106151050


Researchers and Students20132014201520162017
Number of integrated researchers357386378400382
Number of Integrated researchers with PhD103102121126127
Number of PhD students advised by integrated members of the R&D Unit140145148148138
Number of research contracts with national public or private entities6945424049
Number of research contracts with international bodies6870654749
Number of integrated researchers (Post-Doc grants)---3435
Number of integrated researchers (contracts)---1518