PhD Fellowships

The LARSyS PhD Programs initiative has the objective of strengthening the advanced training of students in the areas contributing to the associated laboratory’s strategic thematic areas: OCEANS, INTERACTION, URBAN, AIR, and LIFE and the contribution to promote cross-collaboration between its research units: ISR, ITI, IN+, and MARETEC. Scholarships will be granted in the following research profiles:

A. Robotics, Brain and Cognition
B. Networked Cyber Physical Systems
C. Sustainable Energy Systems
D. Digital Media

Candidates Requirements

The call is open to National citizens or citizens from other European Union member states; Citizens of third States; Stateless persons; Citizens enjoying political refugee status. To apply for the PhD scholarships, it’s necessary:

  • Licenciatura, bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in the LARSyS research areas identified in the introduction of the current announcement;
  • To be permanently and habitually resident in Portugal at the starting date of the work plan period abroad, if the proposed work plan includes a period in foreign institutions (mixed grants), a requirement applicable to both Portuguese and foreign citizens:
  • Not having benefited from a Ph.D. scholarship or Ph.D. in companies directly funded by FCT, regardless of its duration;
  • Not holding a Doctor’s degree.

Applications must be submitted through an online platform. For the details of the call and submission instructions check the link below, “Terms of the Call”.

Before applying, it is strongly recommended the reading of the call announcements.

Selection Committee
ClosedJune 23rd 2021 (noon WEST) – July 23rd 2021 (midnight WEST)Terms of the Call
Selection Commitees
ClosedJune 28th 2023 (noon WEST) – July 28th 2023 (noon WEST)Terms of the Call
Selection Commitees